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My name is Annelies Abelmann and I am studying the lives and artworks of three generations Mengelberg as You can see on the site. I started researching in 2013 as a PhD student. My project is ending with the publication of my thesis covering the period c. 1869- 1919. The site, however, covers the three generations after 'pater familias' Wilhelm (1837-1919) till the death of his grandson Willem (1967). But also that of his predecessors. In fact four generations in total.

I studied my subject on the old-fashioned way of source- and primary text research in archives and libraries, parting from the objects in the churches. It was a lively and exciting search during which I encountered a lot of helpful and dedicated people. Too much to thank in this way.
Maxime Meijers who is the webmaster constructed the design of this site. Michiel Roding and I took some of the photos. Luckily I had the permission to use the excellent images of the site www.kerkfotografie.nl , and of course, the ‘free’ illustrations published on Wikiwand and Wikipedia. Museum 'Catharijneconvent'  in Utrecht let me use the photos and information of their database 'www.kerkcollectiedigitaal.nl'.

The parishes, pastors and many volonteers corporated and were very helpfull. I want to thank these lovely people with the deepest sympathy.

The language of the site is English, but due to the time schedule Dutch texts are incoporated esp. in the Objects-department. These texts will be translated in the next months, but You can always ask for a translation. Note that the mastering of the English language is not that of a native speaker of a Cambridge certificate -one.

You can contact me with the form of my site. Please feel free to contribute to this site with information and illustrations. Your credentials will be explicitly mentioned.

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